Parish Council

Map showing the boundary of the parish of WarfieldWarfield is one of nearly nine thousand parish (and town) councils across England. Parish councils are the first and most local level of government in the United Kingdom and are primarily funded by money taken from council tax.

Residents elect councillors to represent them within this tier of local government. In Warfield there are thirteen councillors representing the four wards of Quelm Park, St. Michael’s, Warfield Park, and Whitegrove (for boundary maps see Parish Council Wards). The councillors are all volunteers, and have an interest in and are knowledgeable about the issues affecting the local community.

The councillors appoint a parish clerk who is a paid professional, responsible for the efficient management and operation of the parish office. In Warfield the clerk is the responsible financial officer. The clerk also ensures that the council and individual councillors operate within the council’s code of conduct and the adopted standing orders (standing orders are guidelines for operating the council).

The councillors meet regularly to make decisions about the well-being and future of the village. The best way to find out how the council works in practice is to attend a council meeting. We always publish the dates and times of meetings in advance and members of the public are very welcome to attend.

The parish council and its councillors have three main elements to their work:

Firstly, the councillors attend meetings and, after discussion, make decisions on whether money, and how much, should be spent on a project or area.

Secondly, we make sure that parish assets, facilities and services are run effectively and efficiently and in the best interests of Warfield. We do this by careful monitoring; meeting and talking to appropriate Bracknell Forest Council departments, representatives of local organisations such as the police, schools, nurseries and churches, and any similar bodies that may affect or have an interest in the local community. We also meet with individual residents at our regular surgeries, held in the parish office.

Thirdly, we get involved in local issues such as planning, education, transport and leisure facilities, and local events such as Warfield Village Fete. We are currently very involved in the new development in Warfield, gauging local opinion and attempting to ensure the best possible outcomes for Warfield.

You can contact Warfield Parish Council councillors and staff via the parish office. We welcome visitors – do pop in to say ‘hello’!