Neighbourhood Plan


Warfield Neighbourhood Plan – Post Submission

The Warfield Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Bracknell Forest Council on 24 January 2019.

A six week consultation will be held between 10am on Tuesday 5th March 5pm on Tuesday 16th April 2019.

The consultation is being conducted by Bracknell Forest Council. Copies of the documents and consultation response form can be found at
Bracknell Forest Councils Website

Warfield Neighbourhood Plan – Submission Documentation

The Warfield Neighbourhood Plan submission documentation will appear here following the decision of the council on Wednesday 14 November:-

Final Submission Plan

Warfield Neighbourhood Plan – Pre-submission Documentation

The Warfield Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission documentation and supporting documents are available to view as below:-

Click here to view the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan – Pre-Submission.

See the table below for all other supporting documents

Warfield NP Community Questionnaire (Jan 2015)
Summary Report on the 2015 NP Survey for the Warfield PC (May 2015)
Warfield NP Open Space Audit (Feb 2016)
Environment Report (June 2016)
Housing Report (June 2015)
Infrastructure Report (June 2016)
Wellbeing and Leisure Report (June 2016)
Whitegrove Community Report (March 2015)
WNP Settlement Assessments:
Jealott's Hill
Hayley Green
Newell Green
Warfield Street
Nuptown, Hawthorn Hill and Malt Hill Moss End
BFC SEA/HRA Screening Report (October 2016)
WNP SA/SEA Scoping Report (Jan 2017)
WNP Draft SA/SEA Report (April 2017)
Site Assessment and Site Capacity Study Stage 1 (March 2016)
WNP Housing Report (April 2017)
WNP Transport Statement (Oct 2016)
WNP Local Landscape Appraisal (January 2017) - Part A and Part B
Bracknell Forest Council Quick Guide to Planning Policy & Guidance
Bracknell Forest Core Strategy (adopted 2008)
Bracknell Forest Site Allocations Local Plan (adopted July 2013)
Church Lane Warfield Conservation Area Appraisal (BFC Aug 2006)
Warfield Masterplan SPD (BFC 2010)
Bracknell Forest Character Area Assessments SPD (March 2010) including Northern Villages Study (Chapter 4)
Bracknell Forest Streetscene Supplementary Planning Document (April 2011)
Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document (BFC 2016)
BFC Landscape Character Assessment (LUC Sept 2015) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Recommendations
The Changing Face of Bracknell Forest - Key Facts 2001 to 2011 (BFC 2013)
Bracknell Forest JSNA Ward Profiles (Berkshire Public Health Team 2013)
Bracknell Forest Local Development Framework Fact Pack (BFC June 2005)
Bracknell Forest SHELAA (Nov 2016 V2)
Guidance Note: Residential Parking (CIHT)
Planning for a Healthy Environment - Good Practice
Landscape Analysis of Sites and Allocations and an assessment of Gaps/Green Wedges (Entec 2006)
Archaeological Appraisal of SHELAA sites (BFC CLP/Ev/&a April 2017)
Appendix D - Open Spaces & Rights of Way Map

The consultation period for this document ran from Wednesday 21 June until Friday 8 September 2017.

Click here to view details of the Pre-Submission Survey Responses.

Neighbourhood Plan Stages

(The stage we have reached is shown in bold)

1) Neighbourhood Plan identified as beneficial for Warfield by the Parish Council and neighbourhood volunteers engagedMap showing the boundary of the parish of Warfield

2) Agree boundary of Neighbourhood Plan

3) Engagements with residents to gain input on what is wanted for the Neighbourhood

4) Preparation of draft plan

5) Consultation on draft plan, getting resident feedback is now complete

6) Preparation of final plan for formal submission to Bracknell Forest Council

7) Bracknell Forest Council formal review with residents, where there will be a further opportunity to comment on the Plan

8) Final revisions made to Plan and resubmission to Bracknell Forest Council

9) Bracknell Forest Council submits the Plan to the Planning Inspector for their review and approval

10) Following approval by the Planning Inspector, the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan will be put to a referendum where residents and businesses can vote on whether or not the Neighbourhood Plan should be adopted; this is now expected early in 2018.