Finance & General Purposes Committee Meetings

The Finance and General Purposes Committee prepares the budget for the Parish Council each year and then monitors the Parish Council’s expenditure against that budget to ensure that the Parish Council gives excellent value for money as its raises and spends money for the benefit of the local community.

The Committee also considers any matters which do not fall clearly within the responsibilities of the other Committees or where there is any conflict between them, and makes recommendations for community and other grants.

We meet monthly on a Thursday unless otherwise indicated (in the Parish Office, starting 7.45pm).

Finance & General Purposes Committee Meetings 2016-2017
16 June 2016AgendaMinutes
7 July 2016AgendaMinutes
11 August 2016AgendaMinutes
7 September 2016 (Wed)AgendaMinutes
6 October 2016AgendaMinutes
10 November 2016AgendaMinutes
8 December 2016AgendaMinutes
18 January 2017AgendaMinutes
9 February 2017AgendaMinutes
9 March 2017AgendaMinutes
6 April 2017AgendaDraft Minutes
4 May 2017Agenda
Finance & General Purposes Committee Meetings 2015-2016
11 June 2015AgendaMinutes
9 July 2015AgendaMinutes
13 August 2015Agenda
10 September 2015AgendaMinutes
8 October 2015AgendaMinutes
12 November 2015AgendaMinutes
10 December 2015AgendaMinutes
14 January 2016AgendaMinutes
11 February 2016AgendaMinutes
10 March 2016AgendaMinutes
14 April 2016AgendaMinutes
11 May 2016AgendaMinutes
Finance & General Purposes Committee Meetings 2014-2015
23 June 2014AgendaMinutes
14 July 2014AgendaMinutes
19 August 2014 (Tuesday)AgendaMinutes
15 September 2014AgendaMinutes
21 October 2014AgendaMinutes
3 November 2014AgendaMinutes
8 December 2014AgendaMinutes
19 January 2015AgendaMinutes
16 February 2015AgendaMinutes
9 March 2015AgendaMinutes
20 April 2015AgendaMinutes
11 May 2015Cancelled