Facilities Committee Meetings

The Facilities Committee was formed in 2015 to oversee Warfield Parish Council’s management of the operation, maintenance and repair of the Brownlow Hall and Whitegrove Community Centre sites, and also the maintenance and repair of the playground at the Memorial Ground. It will, in the future, also manage a new Community Hub which is being built as part of the new Warfield development. The Committee meets every two months on a Tuesday, starting 7.45pm, at the Parish Office unless otherwise indicated.

Facilities Committee Meetings 2018-2019
19 June 2018AgendaMinutes
11 September 2018Cancelled
6 November 2018AgendaMinutes
6 March 2019Agenda
Facilities Committee Meetings 2017-2018
20 June 2017AgendaMinutes
26 September 2017Agenda
5 December 2017Agenda
27 March 2018Agenda
Facilities Committee Meetings 2016-2017
6 September 2016AgendaMinutes
16 November 2016 (Wed)AgendaMinutes
7 February 2017AgendaMinutes
11 April 2017Cancelled
Facilities Committee Meetings 2015-2016
13 October 2015AgendaMinutes
2 December 2015 (Wednesday)AgendaMinutes
1 March 2016 (Parish Office)AgendaMinutes
5 April 2016AgendaMinutes

The Facilities Committee replaced the individual Brownlow Hall and Whitegrove Community Centre Management Committees. Past meeting agendas and minutes for these committees can still be viewed here: