Community Litter Pick

Poster providing details of our Clean for The Queen Community Litter Picks on 5 and 6 March 2016

Clean for The Queen Community Litter Picks 2016

Warfield Parish Council holds an annual community litter pick, in partnership with Warfield Environment Group, to help keep the Parish clean.

In 2016 we collected:

  • 40 sacks of rubbish, including recyclables, and
  • Microwave, garden table, car steering wheel, headrest, bumper and tyre, skateboard, child’s bike, advertising board, cone and a garden hose!

In 2015 we collected:

  • 17 sacks of rubbish,
  • 9 sacks of recyclable materials (plastic bottles and cans),
  • 1 trolley-full of glass bottles, and
  • 2 hub caps, 1 estate agent’s board, and a Christmas tree!

Guidance for volunteers

Litter pickers and bags are provided.

Clothing should be appropriate for outdoors, and should not expose bare areas of skin (i.e. wear long trousers). Gloves should also be worn.

Footwear should be strong, sensible and with adequate grip.

Cuts should be covered with surgical tape or waterproof plasters.

Hands should be washed after the litter pick, before eating, drinking, smoking or going to the toilet.


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