Colleen Healy

Ward: Warfield Park 
Profile of Councillor Colleen Healy33 Worcestershire Lea
RG42 3TQ

Home: 01344 457473
Email: colleen (dot) healy (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk
Moved to Warfield in 1980. Became a parish councillor in 1991 because, having lived in Warfield before any development started in the late 80’s, I wanted to be involved to make sure that the housing was sympathetic to the character of the original rural area and to make sure that there were green spaces within it.

I was keen to help the communities integrate and use the new facilities to their maximum potential and to help new clubs and groups start up.

Being a Parish Councillor I could be more instrumental when talking to other official organisations to get the best results for Warfield.
Parish Council Working Groups:- Warfield Neighbourhood Plan
- Community Hub
Parish Council Representative on:- Bracknell Forest Town & Parish Liaison Group
- Lily Hill Park Steering Group
- Northern Parishes Liaison Group
- Warfield Park Community Association
Other organisations (Warfield):- Warfield Village Fete Committee
Other organisations (outside Warfield):- Easthampstead Baptist Church, member
Vision for Warfield: As Warfield develops I want to be involved to make sure that the new housing enhances and maintains the character of Warfield and to make sure that there is affordable housing so that our young people can remain living in Warfield.

I will try to protect our current green spaces and make sure that more is found, so we can all enjoy the environment in and around Warfield.

As our population grows, more wellbeing and leisure facilities will be required and we need to make sure that they are available to everyone no matter what background or culture they are.