Warfield Parish Council is a statutory consultee for all planning applications made within the parish. These means we are invited to make comments and our views known on applications to the local planning authority,  Bracknell Forest Council. It is the local planning authority that makes a final decision on applications.

Planning applications for the parish are considered by the Planning & Transport Committee who meet every three weeks to considers applications received. Members of the public are welcome to make representations to the committee either in written form or through the public participation element of the meeting. If you would like to make a representation please forward this to, or contact, the Parish Clerk.

While it is important the parish council knows the views of local residents, it is important that you also let the local planning authority know. Details of how to comment on applications can be found on the Bracknell Forest Council website.

Material Planning Considerations

What sort of things can be taken into account?

In considering a planning application, the parish council may only comment on a "material consideration", comments relating to other matters will not be taken into account. The most common "material considerations" include the following. This list and the list of what cannot be considered are not exhaustive.

Material Planning Considerations:

  • Planning policies
  • Highway safety issues
  • Impact on countryside
  • The National Planning Policy Framework
  • Traffic generation
  • Loss of important trees
  • Government circulars, orders and statutory instruments
  • Parking
  • Landscaping
  • Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
  • Design, visual appearance, and materials
  • Impact on listed buildings/ Conservation Areas
  • Loss of daylight or sunlight
  • Layout and density of buildings
  • Archaeology
  • Overshadowing/loss of outlook (but not loss of view)
  • Noise and disturbance from use
  • Risk of flooding
  • Overlooking/loss of privacy
  • Smells
  • Hazardous materials and ground contamination
  • Light pollution
  • Nature conservation
  • Disabled persons access

What cannot be taken into account?

  • Loss of view
  • Breach of restrictive covenant
  • Loss of property value competition or loss of trade to a competitor
  • Private issues between neighbours e.g. land/boundary disputes, damage to property, private rights of way, covenants etc.
  • Personal circumstances of the applicant (in most cases)
  • Matters controlled under Building Regulations or other non-planning laws, e.g. structural stability, drainage, fire precautions etc.
  • Moral objections e.g. to uses such as amusement arcades and betting offices
  • The development is already completed
  • Problems arising from the construction period of any works, e.g. noise, dust, construction vehicles, hours of work etc.
  • Party wall issues