Warfield Neighbourhood Plan

Latest update - 18 January 2022

Following examination of the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan (WNP), the Examiner’s final report was received on Monday 17 January 2022.



Progress of the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan


1. Designation of Warfield Neighbourhood Area      Complete          
2. Pre-submission Consultation   Complete
3. Submission Consultation   Complete
4. Examination  Complete
5. Referendum  Not Started
6. Making of the Neighbourhood Plan  Not Started

1. Designation of Warfield Neighbourhood Area

Warfield Parish Council applied for the designation of a neighbourhood area in April 2014.  A 6-week consultation on the proposal was carried out during April to June 2014.

2. Pre-submission consultation

Warfield Parish Council undertook a pre-submission (Regulation 14) consultation on the draft Warfield Neighbourhood Plan between 18 July 2017 and 8 September 2017.

3. Submission Consultation

The Warfield Neighbourhood Plan sets out objectives for the future of our parish and contains planning policies to guide the development and use of land in the Warfield Neighbourhood Area.  We submitted this plan to Bracknell Forest Council on 24 January 2019.

We held a 6-week public consultation on the proposed plan in line with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) between 10am on Tuesday 5 March and 5pm on Tuesday 16 April 2019.  The consultation has closed.

An independent Examiner has been appointed to undertake the examination.   All written comments received during the consultation period will be sent to the Examiner.

Final Submission Plan 

4. Examination 

An independent examiner was appointed to assess the plan.

Examination correspondence can be found below.

5. Referendum

Not started

6. Making of the Neighbourhood Plan

Not started

Further Supporting Documents