Neighbourhood Plan

Warfield Neighbourhood Plan - Post Submission
The Warfield Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Bracknell Forest Council on 24 January 2019.

A six week consultation was held from Tuesday 5th March to Tuesday 16th April 2019. This consultation is was conducted by Bracknell Forest Council. Copies of the documents and consultation response forms can be found at:
Bracknell Forest Councils Website

The plan is now proceeding to the Independent Examination stage. Further details will be posted here.  

Letter from Examiner 16/05/2019 

Letter from Examiner 3/6/2019 

Letter to Examiner 5/06/2019

Letter from Examiner 11/06/2019 

Letter to examiner 18/02/2021 

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) Report 18/02/2021 

Supporting Documents for HRA Report 18/02/21 

Warfield Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Documentation
The Warfield Neighbourhood Plan submission documentation can be found here:

Final Submission Plan

Warfield Neighbourhood Plan - Pre-submission Documentation
The Warfield Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission documentation and supporting documents are available to view as below:-

Pre-submission Survey Responses

Please use the links below to access other supporting documents.

Neighbourhood Plan Stages

(The stage we have reached is highlighted)

1. Neighbourhood Plan identified as beneficial for Warfield by the Parish Council and neighbourhood volunteers engagedMap showing the boundary of the parish of Warfield

2. Agree boundary of Neighbourhood Plan

3. Engagements with residents to gain input on what is wanted for the Neighbourhood

4. Preparation of draft plan

5. Consultation on draft plan, getting resident feedback is now complete

6. Preparation of final plan for formal submission to Bracknell Forest Council  

7. Bracknell Forest Council formal review with residents, where there will be a further opportunity to comment on the Plan

8. Final revisions made to Plan and resubmission to Bracknell Forest Council

9. Bracknell Forest Council submits the Plan to the Planning Inspector for their review and approval

10. Following approval by the Planning Inspector, the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan will be put to a referendum where residents and businesses can vote on whether or not the Neighbourhood Plan should be adopted; this is now expected early in 2018.


Warfield Neighbourhood Plan