Cedar of Lebanon, Shakespeare Way

Cedar of Lebanon in Shakespeare Way, taken in July 2015 before the tree was felled

Cedar of Lebanon, July 2015

You may be aware that this magnificent tree was felled last Wednesday 16 September. The tree had been the subject of an inspection by Bracknell Forest Council and, unfortunately, the presence of advanced decay was found in the trunk both below ground and from ground level upwards. This decay is likely to have been caused by the historic removal of limb(s), and also historic damage to the base of the tree possibly caused by grazing livestock (the original land use). It was considered that the extent of the decay could lead to an unpredictable collapse of the tree and so, given its proximity to people and property, a recommendation was made to fell the tree.

A recommendation was also made that a replacement tree of the same species be planted within the site to reflect the loss of this tree, which was a significant landscape feature. Warfield Parish Council will be working with Bracknell Forest Council to ensure this happens, and will keep residents informed.

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