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Warfield Parish Council is a parish council to the north of Bracknell serving the settlements of Warfield, Hayley Green, Jealotts Hill, Lawrence Hill, Moss End, Newell Green, Nuptown, Quelm Park, Warfield Park, Warfield Street, West End, Whitegrove and Woodhurst.

The parish council was formed in 1894 and celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2019-20.

The parish council is one of two tiers of local government and along with Bracknell Forest Council delivers a wide range of services for residents.

Decisions of the parish council are taken by thirteen councillors elected every four years. The last elections took place in May 2019. The decisions of the council are implemented by the parish council staff, headed by the Parish Clerk.


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The Warfield Neighbourhood Plan has now been adopted as planning policy by Bracknell Forest Council.   
 Hayley Green - Claiming Rights of Way evidence collection 
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Hayley Green Allocation - Statement

On Monday 5 December, a public exhibition was held by the agent for the land interests that are covered by the area known as the Hayley Green Allocation in the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan (WNP).

The parish council will study the initial proposals carefully and provide feedback to Boyer once we have undertaken a review of the work with our own consultants. Like residents we have already identified significant variation between policy WNP2, and the proposals presented. The parish council have been clear through the development of the WNP, during the referendum campaign, and since that we will be rigorous in identifying and calling out development that does not comply with the WNP. This applies not just to the consultation process but also to any planning application that follows.
The WNP has clearly stated that a concept plan accompanied policy WNP2 through the process and this was labelled as such. Para. 5.12 of the plan says
‘The Hayley Green concept plan (see Inset Map 2) is based on a comprehensive plan for the development of a cluster of sites in different ownership but which provides the opportunity for an integrated approach to masterplanning. The neighbourhood plan group have worked positively with the land promoters to agree the development principles and the concept layout, including the location and boundaries of the public open green space of approximately 4 hectares, which is intended to provide a significant community benefit. Hence, while the scale of development would be a change in the size of Hayley Green, it would provide benefits that a series of standalone developments would not.’
Para 5.13 continues by say ‘…The intention is that the final public open space boundaries will reflect as close as possible those illustrated on the concept plan which follow existing field boundaries and mature tree belts. This will ensure existing trees are protected and will provide the area of green space (in one continuous area) as set out in the policy to form the ‘village green’. No development to the rear of properties to the south of this green space and fronting Forest Road should encroach into this green space to ensure the amenity of these properties is maintained.’



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